All cocktails 9:28 dollars.

Last Tango in Paris
Vodka or gin. cucumber. fresh lime and our "little secret"

Fire and Dandy
Absolut Mandarin. cilantro. jalapenos. and fresh citrus

Fernando's Hideaway
Jameson Black Barrel. sweet vermouth. cherry. orange and a dash of marvelous

Del Pino Mojito
Classic mint and seasonal fresh fruit. choice of: Pomegranate. Raspberry. Strawberry. Blueberry

The Pussy Galore
Lunazul Blanco Tequila. amaretto. lime. cherry

The Oscar Niemeyer Caipirinha
Leblon cachaca. fresh lime. sugar

Bliss O' Bliss
Captain Morgan White Rum, Guava Juice, Muddled lime and a hint of Mazaher (Orange blossom water)

Enter the Dragon
Rye Whiskey, Asian date preserve, lemon juice, and cayene pepper

Who Loves You Baby
Our take on the classic Margarita. Olmeca Altos Blanco, Tomatillo, cilantro, hot pepper, our freshly squeezed sour mix and agave

Things Could be Better, Lloyd (Things could be much better)
Altos Reposado, homemade hibiscus syrup, blanco tequilla, basil, fresh lime, agave nectar


All cocktails 9:28 dollars.

Hot and Dirty Martini
Vodka, olive juice and our oh so special hot sauce

Clockwork Old Fashioned
Rye Whiskey. bitters. cherry... Our New Take that Never gets old

Dark and Stormy
Gossling’s Rum, Ginger Beer, Lime. Gimme shelter

The Moscow Mule
Vodka, Raw Sugar, Lime juice, Ginger Beer, Mint Garnish.

Fellini’s Negroni
Gin, Semi-Sweet Vermouth, Campari. Ciao bello!

Bugsy Malone Side Car
Bourbon. cointreau. fresh lemon juice. The perfect getaway

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